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BIM for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Curriculum

Exercise 1.6.4: Adjusting the Appearance of Elements in a View

In this exercise, students will learn how to:

  • Use the View Control bar to quickly change a view’s display properties―for example, the level of detail and the visual style.
  • Display shadows and specifying the location of the lighting source.
  • Set a project’s location and orientation to cast accurate shadows in a solar study.
  • Use Graphic Display Options to enhance the silhouettes of elements and add gradient backgrounds to 3D views.

Figure 1.6.12 - Setting a view’s graphic display options

Video Tutorial

Student Exercise

Download Imperial or Metric
  • Use the Camera tool to create an exterior perspective view, called Exterior Perspective, that shows the east exterior walls of the residence and studio.
  • Use the View Control Bar to quickly review the appearance created by applying each of the visual style options, and choose Shaded With Edges to show the colors of the materials assigned (incorporating the effects of the lighting settings).

Figure 1.6.13 -Exterior perspective view using the Shaded With Edges visual style

  • Duplicate the Exterior Perspective view–name the new view Exterior Perspective-Realistic and choose the realistic visual style to enhance the view by showing the render appearance of the materials.

Figure 1.6.14 - Exterior perspective view using the Realistic visual style

  • Duplicate the Exterior Perspective view, and name the new view Exterior Perspective with Shadows.
  • Adjust the graphic display options to cast accurate shadows for a day in June in Los Angeles, CA, and create a gradient background to mimic the effect of a late afternoon or sunset. For this exercise, assume that project north is aligned to true north.

Figure 1.6.15 - Exterior perspective views with shadows and different gradient background colors

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