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Exercise 4.2.2: Modeling Concrete Columns, Beams, and Floor Slabs

In this exercise, students will learn how to:

  • Adjust the grids and column locations to better serve the interior layout and structural integrity of building.
  • Specify  and placing concrete columns and beams in plan views and with 3D snapping.
  • Specify the structure and materials for concrete floor slabs.
Figure 4.2.3 - Moving columns by adjusting the grid locations

Video Tutorial

Student Exercise

Download Imperial or Metric
  • Place 10" (0.25 m) square concrete structural columns at interior grid intersections on level 1 and the lower level.
  • Create a new concrete structural framing type for 12" x 24" (0.30 m x 0.61 m) concrete beams and place these beams at the top of the structural columns on level 1 to support the level 2 floor slab.
  • Unhide the floor slab at level 2 and change its type to be a 6" (0.15 m) concrete slab.


Figure 4.2.4 -  Concrete beams placed at the top of level 1 columns

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