Scheduling and 4D Simulation

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Exercise 5.3.1: Creating a 4D Simulation

In this exercise, students will learn how to:

  • Link a schedule file to the TimeLiner tool and generate the hierarchy of tasks.
  • Create selection sets and search sets to facilitate linking model elements to the schedule tasks.
  • Specify simulation settings and run a 4D simulation.


Figure 5.3.1 - Simulating the construction of foundation elements

Video Tutorial

Student Exercise

Download Imperial or Metric
Navisworks Manage 
  • Continuing from the point where the tutorial left off, creating additional search and selection sets to select groups of model objects between Level 2 and the Roof level. Each set should contain the elements to be mapped to a specific task in the construction schedule.
  • Use the TimeLiner tool to attach the sets of objects to their associated schedule tasks.
  • Run a 4D simulation of the construction schedule. Modify the playback duration and interval size to achieve the desired visual effect for effectively sharing the simulation with others.


Figure 5.3.2 - 4D simulation of the complete building model

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