Sharing Revit Models with ETABS

You can share your Revit structural models with ETABS for structural analysis and design by installing:

  • the ETABS application
  • the CSiXRevit connector add-in for Revit

Note: You must be connected to the Stanford network environment (on-campus or via the VPN) to use our network license for CSiXRevit 2016.

Verify Your ETABS Installation

Before you get started, please verify that you have a valid installation of the ETABS application and that the network-based licensing scheme is working properly in your network environment.

Download the CSI Install Wizard

Download the CSI Install Wizard from this link:

CSI Install Wizard

Install the CSiXRevit 2016 Add-In

Follow these steps to isntall the CSiXRevit add-in on your computer.

  1. Launch the CSI Install Wizard application and authorize the program to make changes on your computer.

    screenshot 751

  2. Wait as the CSI Installation Wizard searches your computer for previiously installed CSI software.

    screenshot 752

  3. Select the Install CSI Software option, then click Next.

    screenshot 753

  4. Select these options, then click Next.

    • CSI Product:  CSiXRevit 2016 (64-bit)
    • Licensing Model:  Install CSiXRevit 2016 for use with network license key

     screenshot 754

  5. Select the option to Manually enter server name or IP address and enter "" as the server name.  Then, click Next.

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  Be sure to enter this address exactly as shown.

    screenshot 756

  6. Select the Download the latest CSiXRevit 2016 Installation option and click the Download CSiXRevit 2016 button to download the installer applicaiton.  Then, click Next.

    screenshot 757

  7.  Select the location to store the installer file, then wait as the installer is downloaded.  

    When the download is complete, click Install to begin the installation.

    screenshot 759

  8. Click Next to start the installation process.

    screenshot 760

  9. Accept the license agreement and click Next.

    screenshot 761

  10. Enter your User Name and Organization, then click Next.

    screenshot 762

  11. Choose the Destination folder, then click Next to install the add-in.

    screenshot 763

  12. When the installation is complete, click Finish to close the InstallShield Wizard..

    screenshot 764

  13. Click Next to advance the CSiXRevit installer.

    screenshot 766

  14. The installer will confirm that CSiXRevit was installed successfully.  Click Finish.

    screenshot 767

Exporting Your Revit Model to ETABS

After CSixRevit is installed, you're ready to open your Revit structural model and export it to ETABS.

  1. Restart the Revit application.
  2. Open your Revit model and open a 3D view.
  3. Navigate to the Add-Ins tab in the ribbon and select Export to Create New ETABS SAFE or SAP 2000 Model from the External Tools pull-down menu.

 screenshot 768

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