BIM 360 Glue Installation and Troubleshooting Tips

The BIM 360 Glue application can be installed on individual computers or in a teaching cluster shared by many.  Some best practice recommendations include:

  • Install the software well in advance to allow plenty of time for debugging any hardware networking issues before it will needed in class.

  • Install and thoroughly test the software on one of the actual lab computers first, before deploying to the full lab.

 If you encounter any problems during the installation process, be sure to verify the following:

Minimum Software and Hardware Requirements

  • Windows 8 Operating system
  • Intel Processor 1.8 MHz
  • RAM ‐ 2 GB
  • Intel GMA (integrated) or 64 MB Video RAM (dedicated)

Security and Firewall Checklist

  • Your web browser is not blocking scripts
  • is in the firewall's safe list
  • Standard TCP/UDP/IP ports 80 and 443 are not blocked
  • bypasses the filter group & the traffic shaper in the content filter, bandwidth management, and application control software.
  • Local network & security policies do not block scripts, Web applications & Silverlight/flash applications (or allow these for

You should also check the BIM 360 Glue WikiHelp site for the latest installation and troubleshooting topics at this URL:

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