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Revit 2018; Why Do I Get a Structural Precast Warning When Editing Curtain Walls?

Known Bug in Extension Creates Errant Warning Messages

If you've installed the Revit 2018 extensions and are receiving a Revit Precast - Warning when editing other model elements (for example, making changes to a curtain wall), you're not alone -- this warning is caused by a known bug in the Autodesk Structural Precast Extension for Revit 2018.

Here's a simple workaround while we're awaiting a new version of the extension that fixes this bug:

  • Switch to the Precast tab in the Tool Ribbon.
  • Click the Off button to disable Structural Precast for Revit.

You can also uninstall the Autodesk Structural Precast Extension for Revit 2018 using the Start Menu > Settings > Apps & Features dialog. 

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