Exercise 2.4.1: Creating Annotated Section Views

In this exercise, students will learn how to:

  • Create building sections showing an overview of the interaction between building elements.
  • Use a building section as a map referencing more detailed views.
  • Create wall sections to display typical wall assemblies and connections.
Figure 2.4.1 - Adding detailing to views is critical in preparation of construction documents

Video Tutorial

Student Exercise

Download Imperial or Metric
  • Create a building section to show the interaction of building elements along grid C. Display this section at 1/4" (1:48) scale and with a medium level of detail as illustrated in Figure 2.4.2a. 
  • Create a wall section for the south wall at grid C to show the wall assemblies and connection details. Crop this view to focus on this individual wall and its connection to floor, roof, and foundation elements. Display this section at 1/2" (1:24) scale and with a fine level of detail. 
  • Add annotations to the wall section to explain the wall construction and connection features, including text, tags, and detail components as illustrated in Figure 2.4.2b.
  • Place the building section and wall section views on a D-size sheet.


Figure 2.4.2a - Example of building section showing annotations and wall section callout

Figure 2.4.2b - Example of wall section showing annotations and detail components

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