Exercise 3.5.2: Adding Design Features to Improve Daylighting

In this exercise, students will learn how to:

  • Model architectural features to improve the daylighting conditions within a space.
  • Increase daylighting through window and skylight placement.
  • Decrease daylighting through shading.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of proposed design changes.
Figure 3.5.3 - Autodesk Ecotect Analysis grid showing daylighting values at loft level in school library

Video Tutorial

Student Exercise

Download Imperial or Metric
Revit, Autodesk Ecotect Analysis
  • Use Autodesk®  Revit®  Architecture software to add design features (for example, windows, skylights, and shading) to improve the daylighting on the second floor level of the library building.
  • Try to increase the daylighting in the southeast corner of the balcony to provide natural light sufficient for a reading or study area.
  • Try to reduce the daylighting levels in the southwest corner to minimize the glare on computer screens in a planned cluster area.
  • Export the revised model as a gbXML file and open it in Ecotect Analysis. Then repeat the daylighting analysis performed in the last exercise and compare the results to assess the effectiveness of your design changes.


Figure 3.5.4 -  Analysis grid showing effect of new daylighting design improvements

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