Exercise 5.3.2: Identifying Time-Based Clashes

In this exercise, students will learn how to:

  • Reveal a time-based clash by linking a clash test to the project schedule.
  • Add schedule tasks to accurately reflect the existence of temporary construction objects, and attach model geometry to that task.
  • Run a time-based clash test to confirm the elimination of the time-based clash.
  • Run a 4D simulation that includes the appearance and disappearance of temporary object to the project.
Figure 5.3.3 - Clash testing the materials lift against the architectural and structural model elements

Video Tutorial

Student Exercise

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Navisworks Manage 
  • Use the project schedule to determine the date by which the material lift must be removed in order to avoid interfering with the installation of the building stair.
  • Modify the schedule task linked to the materials lift so that it reflects the required installation and removal dates.
  • Perform a time-based clash test between the Construction_Equipment and the Architectural_Shell models to confirm that a clash no longer exists between the materials lift and the stair. Be sure to link to the TimeLiner when you run this test in the Clash Detective tool.

Figure 5.3.4 -  Adjusting the start and finish dates of the task associated with the temporary materials lift

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