CEE 120C/220C

Parametric Design & Optimization | Winter 2016

22 March 2016

Soak Up The Sun

CEE120C Schmitz

For this assignment I used the same shelter as the earlier assignment. I varied the rotation to map the cumulative solar potential and found the highest solar potential (75133261) by rotating the structure by 309 degrees. I then mapped the color and opening of the panel to the directness of the panel to the sun. If I had more time, I would have liked to test the shape of the form to change the solar insulation. And work more at troubleshooting some custom nodes that I had trouble with.

21 March 2016

Give Me Shelter

CEE 120C - Schmitz

This shelter takes its form from an initial path. That path can be a straight line or a garden path; the dynamo script takes the path from Revit and builds the rest of the shelter dynamically. That path line is parametrically divided into wavelength segments. The shelter is held up by a series of trusses at the basin of each wavelength. The hood of the shelter follows three cosine curves, which are determined by inputs. Parametric panels are placed along the shelter, both along the wavelengths and across the width of the hood. These panels have openings that are determined by inputs. The color of each panel is determined by the area of the outside face of the panel, making a repeating pattern of colors across the shelter.

18 February 2016

Assignment 2: Soak Up the Sun

CEE 220C | Jacqueline Lo

Assignment 2: Soak Up the Sun
Parameters: - Number of sine waves forming each "circle" - Amplitude of the sine waves (Note, should not be greater than the radius of the respective circle - Number of definition points forming the "circle" - Height of each "circle" - Number of supporting trusses - Number of panels in the Y-direction - Colorization based on sun directness or solar analysis - Color for the visualization

28 January 2016

Assignment 1: Give me a Shelter

CEE 220C | Jacqueline Lo