Design Journal Entry - Module 9

Journal Entry For
Module 9 - HVAC Systems

Since my building is located at Stanford, heating is not as big of a problem as cooling. Unfortunately the HVAC analysis report does not run for my irregularly shaped building, so the following formula was used to calculate “Approx Required Supply Airflow”:

Are per person * 1.95 FPM * Number of People * (1 - Area per Person / 400 SF)

I used this formula to determine the number and capacity of my air terminals. I chose to stick with air heating and cooling because I am just starting to learn how HVAC systems work.

Below is the space schedule for the first two levels of my building.




Routing was hard for my building. I would have definitely benefited from a symmetrical building but trying to configure the layout is kinda fun. This is also why I only established the systems for the first two floors.

The air handling unit was not put in because it is supposed to be in the basement which will be modeled in the future.

It was really hard for me to stay focused in school with all the hospital runs and the side effects from my medication, but I am glad that I got familiar with some detailed HVAC knowledge.