Design Project 1 | Composite Character Profiles

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Project 1 - Composite Characters

Composite Character Profiles

Composite Character 1 Name

  • Mid-20s
  • Lives in a very dense city with lots of public transportation infrastructure
  • Likes to take trips into nature outside of the city every once in a while

Composite Character 2 Name

  • College Student
  • Doesn’t own a car because they’re far from home and its too expensive
  • Does own an e-bike because their classes and workplace are close, but still a good distance away
  • Wants to minimize costs wherever possible

Composite Character 3 Name

  • Mid 30s
  • Super Commuter - needs a car to get to work, commute time is well beyond average
  • Decent paying job, but in area that has high housing rates
  • Fine with paying for luxury/comfort or anything that makes their life easier

Colin’s Comments: Any thoughts on these characters’ level of social awareness and social activity?