Kim Juarez-Rico

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Module 8 - Make Your Pitch
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For my proposed tool, I am hoping to construct a concert stage with variable inputs and measurable that my concert production club can use for different performances. The stage will have a parametrically designed roof that is similar to the design I developed for Module 4.

Intended users:

The intended users of the tool are architects and engineers responsible for constructing and building the stage. The stage will then be used by artists, performers, and production personnel to organize performances.

Need you’re trying to provide a solution or support for

Currently, the concert production club that I am a part of does not have a set stage that we can use. We sometimes use Frost Amphitheater, but it would be interesting to explore an alternative permanent outdoor stage set-up that would facilitate COVID safety. Since this stage would likely be located on a place on campus, it will have a variable width to model different outcomes given the amount of space allowed for the stage. I then also want to measure the effects of having good views and sound quality from the stage.


  • Stage width (in ft)
  • Revit element away from the stage
  • Sound wave amplification factor

Underlying logic of the model you’ll implement

I will create the geometry of the design using a combination of Revit elements and dynamo generated geometry. I will use generative design tools to measure the different alternatives.


  • Directness to an object away from the stage to illustrate how audience members would be able to see performers on the stage
  • Panels that change color and open depending on the solar directness value
  • Sound quality depending on directness to the stage