Design Project 2 | Testing Session 1

Journal Entry For
Project 2 - Testing Session 1

Feedback 1

Not really clear whether this space is indoor or outdoor

The idea is generally not too clear

Feedback 2

Glass that can fold from indoor to outdoor

Spaces that can change to fit various needs

Privacy glass, writing it on


Gently suggestions so that people can take breaks, do not force people to take a break

Feedback 3

Concept not clear

What is the problem we are solving?

Flexibility - open spaces

Park/ outdoor facilities

Feedback 4

How does the phone charge actually?

  • Light bulb how is it powered

Are Zen huts in the library?

Sliding Door to separate from open to private space

Feedback 5

Vegetation in building

Likes privacy table → convert to group

A way to help me find a break/Zen room

  • like give me a light path
  • or clues to get there

How might we make the library beyond library spaces?