Practice Exercise: Building Envelope Systems

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Your building envelope recommendations for this practice exercise should feature:

  • Your recommended settings for the Insight Factor tiles
  • A screenshot from Insight showing the Predicted Mean EUI and the range of values resulting from your assumptions

Test Case 1: Building Envelope


With the following envelope settings, I was able to achieve a predicted mean EUI of 52.1 kBtu/sf/yr:

  • WWR (all walls): 30%
  • Window Shades (East and West): 2/3 Window Height
  • Window Glass (North, East, and West): Trp LoE
  • Wall Construction: 12.15-inch SIP

All other envelope settings were left as default values. This is because the refining options for the South wall (and most options for the North wall) had negligible effects.

Test Case 2: Power and Lighting Measures


By only adjusting power and lighting measures, I was able to get to a predicted mean EUI of 41.0 using these settings:

  • Lighting efficency: 0.3 W/sf
  • Daylighting & Occupancy Controls: Occupancy Controls
  • Plug Load Efficiency: 0.6 W/sf

If we combine these settings with the previous envelope settings, we can reach a predicted mean EUI of only 32.2.


Test Case 3: Photovoltaics


By only adjusting photovoltaics choices, I was able to get down to a predicted mean EUI of 19.2 with these settings:

  • Panel Efficiency: 20.4%
  • Payback Limit: 20 yr
  • Surface Coverage: 90%

When combining these PV settings with all the previous settings, I got a predicted mean EUI of -9.43: