Lauren Kercheval

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Module 8 - Make Your Pitch
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My proposed tool will assist bakers of extravagant cakes by generating multiple alternative designs that optimize their clients’ needs.

Intended users

This tool will be accessible to bakers who are known for their classic yet extravagant tiered cake designs. The baker will have access to the tool and be able to use it during consultations with their clients to visualize different cake options and tier layouts.

Need you’re trying to provide a solution or support for

This tool will instantaneously generate many different designs to achieve the clients’ needs. Through this tool, the baker will clearly and visually express the different options to ensure cohesive decision making and excellent product.


The baker can input into the program the number of people to be fed, the desired height of the cake, and the budget for the dessert.

Underlying logic of the model you’ll implement

The program will optimize the tier radii to determine cake alternatives that meet the budget criteria, minimize the number of hours the baker will be required to spend decorating the cake, and provide enough cake for all of the clients’ guests while minimizing the amount of cake batter required.


This tool will generate different cake designs using the clients’ cake criteria. There will be multiple visuals to communicate the design alternatives. Data will be computed about each alternative to allow the baker and client to confirm that the criteria are being met and to confirm the budget, volume, and vision for the product.