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Module 3 - Project Goals Targets & Strategies
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Jan 24, 2023 9:12 PM
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List your three or four guiding design goals using this format for each goal:

Goal 1: Building massing, orientation and programming

  • Measure: window-to-wall ratio, sun’s Azimuth angle
  • Targets:
    • Window-to-Wall ratio > 20%
    • Sun’s Azimuth angle covers the majority of windows
    • The programming of the building is well organized
  • Strategies:
    • More windows face South
    • supplemental windows on the North, West and East depending on the sun angle

Goal 2: Good building envelope design

  • Measure: heating and cooling load, roof, wall and floor choice, glazing and shading strategy with daylighting, window
  • Targets:
    • heating and cooling load can be covered by solar panel
    • optimize the choice of roof, wall, floor, window, glazing and shading to reduce the heating and cooling load
    • R > 40 for the wall design
    • shading overhang to reduce exceed daylight
    • R > 9 for window deisgn
  • Strategies:
    • Choose the right material to use for the roof, wall and floor
    • Based on the weather data of the site, using excel optimize the cooling and heating load

Goal 3: HVAC strategies

  • Measure: heat pump as the energy source, VRF with DOAS system for HVAC
  • Targets:
    • heat pump system
    • VRF with DOAS system
    • The HVAC can fulfil the requirement of heating and cooling
  • Strategies:
    • When designing the building, the design should incorporate the HVAC design in programming, and envelope choices.

Goal 4: Net Zero building

  • Measure: Solar Panel, the energy consumption of the building, Battery system
  • Targets:
    • Reduce the energy consumption of the building as much as possible
    • Energy Solar Production > Energy consumption of the building
    • The battery storage system can do peak load shaving
  • Strategies:
    • Choice of the envelope materials to reduce energy consumption
    • Solar panel on the roof. If necessary, install the solar panel on the parking or somewhere else