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Module 3 - Give Me Shelter
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Anthony V
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Please include:

  • A screenshot of your model geometry
  • A few sentences describing your modeling approach
  • A brief description of your design outlining the parameters that can be used to flex and dynamically change your structure

For the model, the core design was modeled after the example shown in the kickoff. In mine, I went with five lines rather than three. I was craving McDonalds today so I felt inspired to try and create that M for my structure. From the five lines, a surface was made using lunchbox. The curves and surface were then fed to the panel and tube families.

The length, width, height of middle line, height of two inner lines, and number of tubes are the parameters changeable for this model. I used Rect_AperaturePanel and Tube - 5pt - Flexible (Radius Parameter for Each Point). I needed the 5pt tubes because I was having errors using the 3pt from the kickoff. And there were also errors with the Rect_Seamless Panel-4 pt where half were missing so the aperature panel was used here.