Module 6 - Workspace of the future

Image of My Model



My office building is loosely inspired by a field of cattails in a march next to my grandparent's house that I used to kayak through. Each cluster of towers has a staircase and elevator in the tallest of each, and no walls between, allowing for easy access to every floor. In a similar fashion, the tallest tower also houses bathrooms and storage closets, so there is also one (or two in the case of bathrooms) on every floor. The total square footage is approximately 25,000 square feet, allowing for plenty of space for both offices and leisure. Although not shown in this model, the roofs all have the capability to be turned into patios with railings to provide a rooftop garden or cafe for employees. The tallest tower (with a height of 150 feet) can be used for executive offices, as it has the best views, or simply a sky lounge.