What Does Sustainability Mean to You?

Linked Student

In my opinion, building sustainability should meet the Triple Bottom Line on People (social benefits), Planet ( Environmental benefits) and Profits (Economic benefits).

  • Social Benefits:
    • Better indoor environmental quality
    • Healthier environment
    • no extra burdens on local infrastructure
  • Environmental Benefits:
    • Protect wildlife
    • No air and water pollution
    • No extra waste production
    • prevent natural resources depletion
  • Economic Benefits
    • Lower operating and maintenance costs
    • higher employee productivity
    • Lower life cycle costs

As for an engineer, in designing sustainable buildings, there are a lot of design factors we need to consider about.

  1. a well-designed HVAC system
    1. meet the minimum requirement of human’s comfortability, like humidity, temperature, etc.
    2. the right type of heating source
    3. the right type of cooling source
  2. A battery system
  3. Solar Panel system
    1. fulfil the requirement of internal load, building load, heating and cooling load
  4. Natural lighting
    1. Using natural lighting as the main source of lighting in the day and main source of heating is the most sustainable way in the building design