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The vision of the Dancing Tree School was to provide spaces to encourage more collaboration and sharing so with this task in mind, my proposed design has dozens of different spaces furnished to help each type of student thrive, whether it be ones who prefer a bustling coffee shop, a collaborative, cozy workspace, or a quiet, 3rd-floor study room. In my proposed design, the three-story addition has a NE corner encapsulated in glass walls that allow all the California sun to shine in on the busy students. The rooms on each floor of the NE corner are some of the highlights of the addition with the café on the first floor, open workspace on the second floor, and the student gallery on the third floor. The café has a full kitchen, a piano, and plenty of cozy seating which leads out onto the deck with even more seating and plants. The open workspace on the second floor also has plenty of seating setups for every type of student: sturdy tables and chairs, couches next to coffee tables, and bean bags for those who can’t sit still. And there is no better symbol of collaboration and sharing than an art gallery, which will proudly display student works not just for any gallery visitors to see but also for anyone who happens to walk by the building.