Design Project 1 | Domain / Area of Opportunity

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Project 1 - Domain / Area of Opportunity

Please describe a domain or an area of opportunity that you’d like to use as the focus for the design of a PRODUCT, SERVICE, or BUILT FEATURE that supports or promotes sustainable behaviors and practices for INDIVIDUALS in day-to-day use.

For this first design project, focus your thinking on:

  • a PRODUCT --  something physical that can be manufactured, distributed, purchased, and potentially held in your hand or carried with you.
  • a SERVICE or APPLICATION --  something that you can order, subscribe to, or use (in-person or online) -- that will support and promote the sustainability and resilience goals of your potential users.
  • a SPACE, PLACE, or BUILDING FEATURE — that supports or promotes sustainability in the day-to-day activities of individual users.

Please share your initial thoughts in a few paragraphs below…

The domain that I’d like to focus on is….

This area is important/interesting to me because….