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Liangtong Lyu
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Module 5 - Points to Ponder
Please share your comments on 2 of the following Points to Ponder questions. (Choose 2 of the questions below.)

What are the principal advantages of using a single building information model of the existing conditions as the foundation for modeling proposed additions or renovations?

  • Why not create a separate model for the new proposed design?

Including renovations in a single model of the existing conditions makes it more straightforward to compare the difference of before and afters. It can also show different design option sets / options in one model.

If creating separate models for new designs, people cannot see the highlighted new features using filters, and they need to open several windows to compare the designs.

In your project, which features of the proposed design did you choose to model as design alternatives?

  • Why did you choose these building features? And what were the biggest challenges in modeling them as the design alternatives?

In my project, I choose arrangement f interior walls and exterior features as my design alternatives.

I choose these features because I think either use divided space or use open space can greatly influence the environment of a certain space. Divided areas are more suitable for quiet study, while open areas are commonly used for socializing and discussion. Similarly, using curtain wall can utilize natural light in daytime, while using CMU walls keeps the consistance with the main building.