What Does Sustainability Mean to You?

Linked Student

Sustainability, in general, is the act of coexisting with nature and the world in a positive way. This involves many aspects such as clever energy collection, reusing waste, and building to reduce man’s footprint on nature as much as possible. Some major ideas that come to mind are the clever usage of heating and water.

Aquaponics which uses fish waste to fertilize plants is a very clever coexisting relationship. I am curious if some sort of relationship similar to this could be used to support buildings.


Sustainable energy collection is another very crucial aspect of sustainability, especially now with looming problems due to climate change and supply chain issues. Solar collection, wind farming, and hydroelectric solutions stand out to me as the most viable technology in this space currently. Other things like nuclear fusion could prove very useful but are not quite ready. Since my energy center is planned to be designed near a lake, I thought it could be cool to incorporate hydroelectric energy production to support the building.


There are many guidelines to how sustainability should be tackled. Resources like the UN and European Green Deal have outlined the course many nations should take on their road to the year 2040. These would be great resources to review while designing the future of buildings.