Design Project 2 | Mini Proposals

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Project 2 - Mini Proposal

Mini Proposal 1

Enter a 1-paragraph Mini Proposal (<300 words) that describes:

  • Your Space: Dorms where students stay in and surrounding areas close enough to get to in a 5 minutes walk.
  • Your Community: The general student body that lives in those dorms.
  • Your General Objective / Purpose: Many students often wake up too late to eat breakfast in the dining halls of their dorms. Many students also have classes during or close to lunch hours, preventing them from eating lunch on time. This creates two problems. One is that lots of food in the dining hall is uneaten and goes to waste. The other is that students need to eat at other restaurants on campus such as the Tresidder memorial union or the Coupa Café chain. This is very inconvenient, inefficient, and time-consuming because many teaching locations and dorms are far away from these restaurants. Our potential solution to this issue would be to have a place to package leftover food in a heated/cooled storage unit so students can still have breakfast. There are some vending machines that have heating and cooling features that we could apply to our solution. These would not be a full extension of the meals in the dining hall but would provide students with something to hold them over until the next meal.

Mini Proposal 2

Enter a 1-paragraph Mini Proposal (<300 words) that describes:

  • Your Space: Tresidder Memorial Union
  • Your Community: Generic Stanford community/people that eat or shop at Tresidder
  • Your General Objective / Purpose: The Tresidder Memorial Union, which is a conventional building, may not really be energy inefficient. We could look into the energy usage of the building and determine whether it is energy efficient. If not, we could do further research and attempt to redesign the Tresidder Memorial Union to be more energy efficient by using more natural lighting and heating.

Mini Proposal 3

Enter a 1-paragraph Mini Proposal (<300 words) that describes:

  • Your Space: Coho Coffee Shop (located in Tressider Memorial Union)
  • Your Community: Coho Shop Regular Customers
  • Your General Objective / Purpose: Coho Coffee shop is frequented by many people daily. Each customer who orders a coffee throws away at least one coffee cup. Even if paper cups don’t create as much waste as plastic, their waste can still be reduced. Our proposed solution is to use reusable coffee cups. While some stores offer these services, not many people opt for them as it is quite an inconvenience. To combat this we would have a station/stand at the store. The stand would have reusable cups for anyone to use and a cleaning station for people who want to bring their own mugs.