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Design of “Labor Force Calculator”

(1) Intended users

The tool is mainly designed for the construction industry to support the analysis on the matters of labor productivity.

The most intended users are as follows:-

  • Project Manager;
  • Delay Analyst;
  • Project Planner;
  • Quantity Surveyor;
  • Project Controls Specialist;
  • Site Engineer

(2) Need you’re trying to provide a solution or support for

The productivity is one of the significant components to reflect the performance of work. This tool provides a quick feedback on the numbers of labor that required on each day to timely complete the works based on the historical records.

By looking at the data from the completed project with similar nature, the required numbers of labor per day can then be estimated for different purposes as needed;

  • Regular progress reporting with labor forecast;
  • Support the disruption analysis;
  • bidding process
  • Manpower analysis

(3) Inputs

The inputs are mainly related to support the calculation in the logic regarding the production rate.

  • Input 1: Selected Model Element

It represents the element to be selected in the Revit

  • Input 2: Historical Production Rate

It is the known production rate come from the company’s other similar projects or other productivity norm from different association with the similar nature to the current project or known production rate of other locations in the same project development with the similar nature that available to be adopted as a reference rate.

  • Input 3: Working Days

It is the required “Days” to finish the project and depends on different situations, it can be project duration as stated in the Contract, planned duration of the approved programme or even the remaining days of the latest updated schedule.

(4) Underlying logic of the model you’ll implement

The following calculation will be adopted for the underlying logic:-

[Output] = Gross Floor Area based on [Input 1] / ([Input 2] x [Input 3])

[Input 1]: Selected Model Element

[Input 2]: Historical production Rate (Area/man/day)

[Input 3]: Working Days

[Output]: Required numbers of Labor per day

(5) Outputs

The major output of the tool is the number of Labor required for a day to timely finish the works and it supports the user’s further analysis based on their own purposes and goals.