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For this building of the future, I decided to look into the past taking very liberal inspiration from ruins such as those at Teotihuacan, invoking the iconic pyramid-like shape. Another feature I decided to integrate was the inclusion of windows mostly facing North or South in order to benefit from natural heating and cooling since sustainable designs are very futuristic. These ample windows will also hopefully help in Twitbook’s search to expand their creativity and spontaneity with the beautiful views of Mountain View, CA helping to inspire their workers and the transparency of the building alluding to openness and willingness to collaborate with those outside the building. However, I’m sure that Twitbook is always working on cutting-edge technology/ideas that may not be ready to share just yet so there are concrete walled off sections of the building as well! (There is also potential for a small roof-top green area at the top of the cylinder-pyramid which could add to the iconic look!)