Module 5 - Points to Ponder

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Module 5 - Points to Ponder
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Please share your comments on 2 of the following Points to Ponder questions. (Choose 2 of the questions below.)

What are the principal advantages of using a single building information model of the existing conditions as the foundation for modeling proposed additions or renovations?

There is a lot more simplicity when there is already a building to provide inspiration and a base for the things that matter less, such as the material of the walls and roof, and it lets you focus more on the creative side of things. It’s design also provides a baseline of what the proposed add-on should vaguely look like.

In your project, which features of the proposed design did you choose to model as design alternatives?

My two alternatives were a more open floor plan, and a closed one. For the open plan, half the second floor is gone to allow for people to look down into the gallery from above, and maybe even an installation of a hanging piece. The closed plan adds a computer cluster (which could very easily be in the original plan in any of the meeting rooms or workspaces), and a modern presentation room with TVs all over the walls and completely glass walls.