Design Journal Entry - Module 3

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Module 3 - Project Goals Targets & Strategies

Goal 1: Locally available materials/ Low embodied carbon

  • Measure:  Embodied carbon content of materials used. Cost of materials that meet this criteria as a percentage of the total building cost. Distaince from the material source
  • Targets:
    • Minimum: These materials need to cost at least 15% of total building cost.
    • Desired / target value: These materials can cost up to 50% of total building cost; These materials should be sourced within 150 miles of the project,
  • Strategies:
    • Using locally (within 100 -150 miles) and responsibly soruced materials
    • Making use of wood products

Goal 2: Net zero operational energy

  • Measure:  Energy usage vs energy production
  • Targets:
    • desired / target value: Net zero energy usage i.e building will produce as much energy as it uses
  • Strategies:
    • Pasive house design strategies
      • Insulation/ thermal envelope
      • Reduced/ no thermal bridging
      • Energy efficient appliances and lighting system
      • Daylighting
      • Use of solar PV/ building orientation and massing
      • Thermal comfort and natural ventilation - e.g. operable windows

Goal 3: Increased green space with minimal disturbance of surrounding nature

  • Measure:  Amount of greenspace/ building occupant. Outdoor space SF as a percent of total building footprint + site area
  • Targets:
    • minimally acceptable value: Outdoor space ≥ 30% of total building footprint + site area; ≥ 121 SF/ 11.25 m2 per person within and 90% of occupants ust have green space within 1/2 mile/ 800m (LEED)
    • desired / target value: Outdoor space ≥ 50% of total building footprint + site area; ≥ 145 sf/ 13.5 m2 per person within and 100% of occupants ust have green space within 1/2 mile/ 800m (LEED)
  • Strategies:
    • LEED Recommendations
      • Green roof/ garden for occupants to utilize while in the building
      • Recreational area that encourage physical activity
      • Diverse green space with 2 or mor types of vegetation

Goal 4: Design for adaptability and reuse

  • Measure: Percent of materials that can be reused at end of life?
  • Targets:
    • minimally acceptable value: 15%?
    • desired / target value: 30%?
  • Strategies:
    • Incorporating materials that can be easily resused/ recycled
    • Building design that can be easily used for different functions, not just the one it is build for - making the spaces flexible and adaptible