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Module 4 - Rise or Shine
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Rhythm Dharmesh Patel
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The shelter created in module 3 to map the color from the image and adaptively change the thickness of the panel. (Embossing or Debossing)


Here Ferrari logo is mapped on the panel. As this shelter is inspired by a bus terminal, adopting a logo works as an advertisement for the shelter.


Steps to approach the problem.

Step 1: Setting image path and Pixel sampling:

Challenge Faced: Here to perfectly map the image to panels number of samples is 1 less than the number of points. As number of panels created are also 1 less than number of points.


Step 2: Giving user option whether to map transpose image or Original image


Step 3: Giving options to the user for mapping the image. Flip Upside down, sideways or bothways


Step 4: Overriding color on panels and embossing/debossing based on color brightness or hue

It allows user to whether they want a darker panel to be more embossed/debossed or a brighter panel to be more embossed/debossed


Step 5:

Allows users to select whether they want embossed panels or debossed panels