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Jordan Beach
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Module 9 - Points to Ponder

What level of detail should be included in a 4D simulation?

The structural system should definitely be included. However, not all aspects of the architectural model should be. For example, furniture, amenities, entourage, etc. These are not essential to the construction process and can be completed in a more leisurely manner. One thing, I did want to mention was temporary structures. Especially looking at my 4D simulation, it can be seen that certain floors are temporarily floating, rather than being supported by the completed structure. To properly construct the cantilevered floors, some temporary structure or intelligent use of construction equipment must be put into place.

How can the feedback shown in a 4D simulation help you to optimize the project schedule?

One of the most important topics within construction management is critical path management. 4D simulation allows the construction manager to be able to properly assess what the critical path is. If this is done in an efficient manner, then the overall cost of construction goes down, which leaves more room for profit at the end of the day.

How can model-based quantity takeoff improve the design process?

How can designers improve their designs using the information provided by preliminary estimates of the cost of building their design ideas?

The main aspect that the quantity takeoff sheets help with is the overall projected cost of the project compared to the project budget. If the cost of quantities are significantly higher than the project budget, then adjustments can be made accordingly. On the other hand, if the cost of quantities is significantly lower than the project budget, then other adjustments can be made accordingly.