Module 3 Points to Ponder

Xuhuan Zhao
Submitted For
Module 3 - Points to Ponder
Please share your comments on 3 of the following Points to Ponder questions. (Choose 3 of the questions below.)

Why is it important to accurately model the land features of your project site with a toposurface?

  • What aspects of a building design are most affected by the terrain features?

When designing a project...

  • Should the building adapt to the terrain?
  • Or, should you adapt the terrain to the building?

I think when designing a project, we should try both ways. Sometimes people just want to build a unique house on that certain terrain because of the surrounding scene or in some cases people have to build the house on that terrain because there is no way to change the terrain on large scale; one example is that houses on mountains. Of course when designing or building a project, we will change the terrain on a smaller scale no matter what to create drive way, prepare for a better landscape, etc.

What considerations affect a project team's decision-making when deciding the floor-to-floor height to use in a multi-story building?

  • From a real estate developer's perspective?
  • Cost will be a major concern for the developer because they wouldn't want to spend extra money if it yield small return.
  • From a designer's perspective?
  • Designer will think for the client if he will accept such a design
  • From an engineer's perspective?
  • An engineer will consider the structural design that may make sure the building will be strong enough and not fail.
  • From a builder's perspective?
  • A builder needs to find the right sub-contractor who is capable of such construction type.
  • From an owner's perspective?
  • The owner will consider how comfortable it is to live in a room with such a ceiling height.

What are the advantages of stacking the levels of a multi-story building vertically?

  • Can you share an interesting example of a building that didn't vertically?
  • What were the advantages or reasons for non-vertical stacking?

Why do stairs follow specific proportions with a set relationship between the tread length and riser height?

  • How can building modeling help prevent the mistakes that often occur when designing and installing stairs?

Describe a case when it would be worthwhile to create a new custom component in Revit… How do you decide when customize versus using readily available components?

It's worthwhile to create a new custom component in Revit if this item needs to fit certain room dimensions, or this item is one of the selling points of the design. Generally, I would search for some readily available components online if it's some commonly used furniture but I will have to customize some components such as countertop or cabinets.