Design Journal Entry - Module 1

Journal Entry For
Module 10 - Plumbing Systems

Your plumbing system elements

For my plumbing system, I had a total of 15 bathrooms - 3 public bathrooms and 12 private bathrooms. I had 1 public bathroom on each of the three levels. Each public bathroom had 3 toilets for the women’s and 2 toilets + 1 urinal for the men’s. In addition, they all had just one sink each. For the private bathrooms which were for the unit accomodations on the second and third levels, they had a single shower stall, a sink and a toilet. A shower stall is probably just a place holder, and could be substituted with a bath tub. Below is the complete 3D and plan views of the plumbing system.


Level 1


Level 2 and level 3 were similar


I used wall hang toilets and urinals. Here are more details on my plumbing system.


Your piping systems

I used 3 piping systems throughout the model: Sanitary, domestic cold water and domestic hot water.

For the public bathrooms here were the dimenstions

Sanitary: 4” main and branch

Domestic cold water: 1” main and branch

Domestic hot water: 1” main and branch

For the private bathrooms, here are the dimensions

Sanitary: 3” main and branch

Domestic cold water: 3/4” main and branch

Domestic hot water: 3/4” main and branch

The piping for the private units were smaller than the ones for the public bathrooms because their usage will not be as much as it will for the public bathrooms

The shower stall and the sink was connected to all three piping system, while the toilet and the urinal only connected to the cold water system and the sanitary.

Here are section views of my system for both the private and public bathrooms


Coordination views


Notice that for my bathrooms, the partitions are still going from floor to floor (fully enclosed) and and have similar material to the rest of the interior partition walls, but just less thick. This is typical of how bathrooms are designed for many buildings. A lot more detailed ventillation design goes into it, details that i didn’t go into for this project.

Any special plumbing system challenges that you encountered and how you overcame them

  • Spacing within the walls to ensure the right automatic connnections could be found was a bit challenging. I had to make some changes to my architectural model inorder to makes some connections work. This was especially difficult for the private bathrooms where two bathrooms shared the same wall for the risers and the branch piping.
  • The private bathrooms could have been more efficiently planned for easier mirroring of the bathrooms. Because they were not perfect mirrors of each other, I had to mirror and move to ensure that everything would fit. But I did have them right on top of each other which made copyig to upper levels easier. I am curious though how I would make the whole system work together as the private bathrooms only start from the second level - I assume we would need much longer pipes to connect them to the main plumbing system which could prove to be a challenge.