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Share a brief overview of your proposed tool or solution (1 page max) that outlines the essentials of your plan. It should include:

For this project I want to continue to investigate creating building forms and using generative design to assess sustainability concerns. This project will be a continuation of my M7 work, but with more functionality on the user input side for setting up the initial building. Additionally, I will refine some of the calculations for construction costs and EUI to provide more useful and robust outputs.

Intended users

With the growing need (and popularity) of considering environmental impacts of the built environment, this tool could be used at very early design stages for large, skyscraper-type buildings. Developers, designers, and building owners could use this tool early during the design process to explore building forms and how those different forms affect the energy use for the building. Additionally, since most sustainability projects need to be concerned with costs, the graph will also let interested parties know the trade-offs between costs and building energy use.

Need you’re trying to provide a solution or support for

This solution will help in the early design stages to determine trades off between building form, construction costs, and energy use of a building.


Inputs will mostly involve the parameters for the building form, including height, radii of floors at different levels on the building, and floor height. Additionally, users will be able to input other information such as building use.

Underlying logic of the model you’ll implement

Using these inputs, a building form will be created with floors. Construction costs will be determined based on floor heights and floor area. EUI will be determined based on floor areas.


The outputs will be the estimated cost of construction and the estimated building EUI.