Design Project 2 | Competitive Analysis

Journal Entry For
Competitive Analysis

All we are asking is for rooftop space from building owners for us to build SkyGrove on we promise an enriching, zen experience for all our users, and we promise successful economic returns on implementation and maintenance costs for building owners!

Where would we get the funding from?

  1. We could apply for funding from the government in order to pursue this economically sustainable and future-forward rooftop recreation concept
    1. we would incentivize the government due to the positive environmental impact
    2. building owners would have to pay little to no implementation costs
    3. The entire cost for SkyGrove would come out to around $80,000 median value and will be higher based on extra customizations

There are two main competitors:

  1. Roofs used for single purposes such as solar panels
  2. Regular Recreational Spaces

We combat these competitors through our solutions:

  1. We are using a majority of roofs that would otherwise be unfit for full solar panel coverage
  2. We are also making sure that roofs do not remain unused
  3. We are removing the transportation aspect of getting to a normal recreational space such as a park or a gym
    1. Saves people time
    2. Reduces carbon footprint from transportation
    3. Rooftop access is much better because you can freshen up between work even if you have a 5-minute break
    4. Our spaces are customizable
      1. You can play ping pong and the next day you can turn the table into pool → you have something new everyday instead of just your boring playground
      2. You can either interact with people or be in your individualized pod, a choice you wouldn’t get in a normal recreational area