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Module 2 - Ripples on a Pond

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  • Adam Banga

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Design Approach

In order to create this model mimicking a pebble falling into a pond dynamo was used. To start, a grid of points was developed in which the base of each cylinder would occupy. To keep the problem simple at the beginning the number of points in the grid was chose to be small. Once this grid of points was developed. An attractor point was developed which would be the point where the pebble would fall. This attractor point can be placed anywhere and had two number sliders to vary its x and y coordinates. Once the attractor point was developed the distance between our grid of points and attractor point was computed and then this value was then fed into a sin function. The output of this sin function would be the heights of our cylinders. The cylinder start input was the grid of points and the cylinder end point was the heights outputted from the sin calculation. This is what allowed us to model a pebble falling into a pond in dynamo and then to export this to Revit.