AEC Global Teamwork

AEC Global Teamwork

Tips & Troubleshooting

Using Assemble for Model-Based Estimating

Assemble / Revit Integration

Tips & Tricks

How to Use the Site Context Models and Link to Global AEC Shared Resources


BIM 360 / Autodesk Construction Cloud
Working with BIM 360
Why Can't I Open My Model on BIM 360 from within the Revit Application?
How Do I Fix Models that Don't Align Properly in BIM 360?
Publishing Models to BIM 360
Uploading Local Revit Files (for those who are NOT using Cloud Collaboration)
Publishing Versions of Cloud Revit Models (for users of Cloud Collaboration)
Using Model Coordination
Classifying Clashes
Renaming, Copying, or Moving Cloud Revit Models in BIM 360
Oculus Quest 2 - Stanford Wi-Fi Setup
Quest 2 - Stanford Wi-Fi Setup.pdf620.6KB

Follow the above PDF instructions to connect your Oculus Quest 2 to Stanford Wi-Fi manually