How Do I Export My Revit Model to Navisworks?

First, check the Add-Ins tab in Revit. 

Under Add-Ins, try pulling down the External Tools menu.  If the Navisworks Exporter is installed, you'll find two Navisworks choices at the bottom of the menu:  Navisworks 2022 and Navisworks Switchback 2022.  If it's available choose Navisworks 2022 from this menu.


Next, check the File menu in Revit. 

Choose File > Export, then see if NWC is listed as one of the export types available.  If it's there, you can choose NWC.  It'll open the same Export Scene As... dialog as the Add-Ins menu.  So, either one works.


Finally, Check in the Windows Settings > Apps & Features. 

Open Windows > Settings > Apps > Apps & Features, then scroll down to see if you can find Autodesk Navisworks Exporters 2022. 


If it's not listed, you can download and install it from this link:

When you run the program, it will look for software on your computer and suggest Revit 2022 as a target for installing the exporter.