Revit 2024 Template Files not displaying the expected list

If the list of template files that Revit offers when creating a new project differs from what you expect to see, follow these steps.

The template files are stored here:


Click that Browse button next to the pull-down menu of template files in the New Project window to verify that you’re pointing to that folder.


Then, in the folder, the list of files should look like this:


I often work with the "default" template for class examples, because it's very simple.  But you can choose any of these based on what's available.

If the list doesn’t include some of the templates that you’d like to use:

  • Download this ZIP archive (with all the Revit 2024 US templates) to your computer and Unzip the file: 
  • In Windows, navigate to the folder where you're unzipped the files, and copy all the files in the folder (Ctrl + C).
  • Then, open another Windows Explorer window and copy this path into the address bar: C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RVT 2024\Templates\English-Imperial
  • image
  • Paste the all files into this folder (Ctrl + V)
  • Once the files have been copied into the folder, Revit should display the new templates in the list of available templates when you create a new project.