Setting Up the Creator Environment

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As a building model creator and editor, you'll need a laptop computer with:

  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 30 GB of free disk space
  • Windows 8 64-bit operating system (or a newer version -- for example, Windows 10 or Windows 11)

All students in Global AEC should complete the following checklist of steps IN THIS ORDER to set up their laptop computers with the Building Modeling Environment components:

Sign up for a student Autodesk ID

This Autodesk ID is required in order to download the software tools and use cloud services. 

  • If you already have a student Autodesk ID from another class, you’re all set.
  • If you haven’t created a student Autodesk ID (or if you’re currently using one that created for your workplace), sign up for a new student Autodesk ID by following these steps:
  • Notes about Autodesk IDs
    • Most students use their school email address as their Autodesk ID.
    • If you already have a student Autodesk ID from another school, you can continue to use it or sign up for a new one.
    • You can create as many Autodesk IDs as you like -- but if you use an email address that is not recognized as being from an educational institution, Autodesk may ask you to provide additional documentation of your student students (for example, an image of your student ID) to confirm that you are eligible for their free education offerings.
    • If you need to create a second Autodesk ID, you can create an alias to your Stanford email address and then use this alias to create another Autodesk ID.

Email your Autodesk ID to the Global AEC teaching team
  • After you create your Autodesk ID (the email that you used to sign up at Autodesk), send it to Renate and the course assistant.

Install the Building Creator software environment
Accept invitations to Autodesk Construction Cloud (BIM 360) services
  • Check your inbox for the account you used to setup your Autodesk for invitations to the Autodesk Construction Cloud (BIM 360) services and our shared projects.
    • If you do not receive these invitations, please URGENTLY email Renate and the course assistants to resend the invitations to you.
  • Please accept these invitations by clicking the Accept link in the email messages that you receive.
  • Then send an email message to Renate, and the course assistants confirming that you've accepted these invitations and completed this step.
Test your installation
  • You should complete Tests 1 thru 4 on your own. Follow the instructions and send the results in an email message to the course assistants. 
  • You will complete Tests 5 thru 8 during an online session with the course assistants.