Test 2: Open an Existing Revit Model


In this test, you'll open an existing Revit model and navigate to a specific view.

Steps to Follow

  1. Open the Revit 2024 application.
  2. Open the Revit home page, then click the Open... button in the Models section of the navigation bar.
  3. Navigate to the folder where you've downloaded the testing files on your computer, then open this folder: Global_AEC_Install_Testing\Test 2 - Open this Revit Model
  4. Open this Revit model file: Test2-LabBuilding.rvt
  5. Open the 3D View: Interior - Test 2 Confirm Look for a message to confirm your success.
  6. Save a screenshot of this view to send to the course assistants.

What's Next

When you've completed this test, proceed to:

Test 3: Link Revit Models