Test 5: Edit a Cloud Revit Model and Synchronize Changes


In this test, you'll open a shared Cloud Revit model and make a few changes during an online session with the course assistants.  After you've completed your edits, you'll synchronize your work with the Cloud Revit model to share those changes with your collaborators.

Steps to Follow

  1. Wait for a message from the course assistants to sign up for a time slot when you can complete the final tests together with a group of other students.
  2. Open the Revit 2022 application and sign in to Autodesk Construction Cloud using your Autodesk ID.
  3. Open the Cloud Revit model to edit.
    • Open the CEE 222 - Global AEC Testing 2023 project using the Autodesk Docs link on the Revit Home screen.
    • Open the Project Files folder, the open the Cloud Revit Models folder.
    • Double-click the link for the Cloud Revit model named Arch_Model v2023.rvt to open a local copy of the model on your computer.
  4. Edit your Local Copy of the Cloud Revit model.
    • Open the Floor Plan view for the Level 3 floor level.
    • Use the Architecture > Model > Model Text tool to add a text object containing your first and last name within the building (inside the exterior walls) at the Level 3 floor level.
  5. Synchronize the Changes in your Local Copy with the Cloud Revit model.
    • Use the Collaborate > Synchronize> Synchronize with Central tool to synchronize your changes with the Cloud Revit model.
    • Accept the default options, and click the Synchronize button.

What's Next

Test 6: Publish a New Version to Autodesk Construction Cloud Docs