Alexis Laskowski - Module 2

  • This is my revit model.
  • This is the dynamo model

I started by watching the videos and reviewing the step-by-step instructions in the assignment. I also conducted my own research on how to complete the grid. I found selecting the points for the pebbles relatively easy and randomly selected the pebble placement using the integer slider. I think it is clear where the code states that the pebbles entered into the pond. I skipped the portion of adding the revit elements until I completed the other steps for a 4 unit submission. I thought this allowed me to bypass the back and forth. I used the assumption that the waves caused by each pebble compounded and therefore the wave height increased as a result. I think that is noticed in the Revit model. I included an exponential function to account for the diminished wave height as the wave goes further away from the pebble.

Overall, I thought this exercise was a good intro how to use dynamo and how dynamo and revit interact. I do think I struggled a bit on how to get going on this, but after some research, I think I got it figured out.