Audrey Yan


About me:

Hi everyone, I’m Audrey. I use she/her pronouns. I’m a first and only 😢 year Master’s student in Sustainable Design and Construction on the Energy track. I really like cats, soup, and video games. I graduated in 2022 from Princeton University with a degree in Structural Engineering, but I’m shifting my academic focus in graduate school and want to pivot towards work in the energy sector.

Although I’m in the process of pivoting my career path, my past internship experiences have all been in structural engineering or closely related fields. Last summer, I spent half my internship doing sustainability consulting-type work, and the other half learning parametric design to help the company develop tools to more efficiently hash out bridge designs of certain typologies.

I had a lot of fun working in Grasshopper during my most recent internship, so before I unfortunately abandon design work in my career path, I’d like to have a last hurrah with this course. I have far more experience with Rhino than with Revit, so I’m really interested to develop skills in Dynamo and see how it compares to Grasshopper.

Here is a photo of the love of my life helping me with my design project last quarter in 220B. He loves Revit!