Design Project 2 | Testing Session 1

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Project 2 - Testing Session 1

Session with Colin in Y2E2 basement:

  • Why is it important to include refrigeration?
    • Mason: Takes a lot of energy.
  • Is this first response or how long does it last?
    • Rebuild community
  • Is it modular, or one structure?
    • Mason: One specialized in water, one for cooking, one for refrigerating
  • Consider Mold

Notes from round robin testing in class:

Size: Shipping container size 8x8.5x20 as opposed to  7^3ModularFirst AidWindMore Clear Purpose: First AidPurify Water Additional considerations: Safe House Dropped Of Before Disaster or after disaster? Concerns About Flooding Other Disaster Areas (Earth Quakes, Warzones)

How to address stealing/looting/hoarding?

Desire to address bad actors such as people taking more than their share or looting

Prevent StealingWho pays?

Some Kinda Lock Features or Something

Logistics concerns

Concerns about dropping it from a plane

Logistics concerns Concern about precision of air dropping, such as if drop out of plane it would land on a dog

Suggestions for powering Wind power

Who would pay for this?

Who or what government budget would pay for this

suggestion that it could be a subscription model (edited

Question about first aid services in addition to water/food

Emergency vs. Weeks Following Emergency


A few illustrations using aspects we discussed as a team, to highlight the difference (permanent vs. temporary):

  1. distributing bottled water 🆚 capturing/purifying local water,
  2. distributing rations 🆚 refrigerating and sorting local food
  3. providing PPE 🆚 providing employment for displaced workers
  4. air dropping 🆚 providing instructions on how community members can set it up