Jatzia Felix

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Module 6 - Points to Ponder
Please share your comments on 2 of the following Points to Ponder questions. (Choose 2 of the questions below.)

What are the principal advantages of creating a conceptual design model using masses before diving into the detailed design and building element modeling?

Using masses allows us to get creative with the shape and design of the building and relay our ideas for these aspects of the building without having to model all the details. Unique construction ideas many times have to be reworked because they tend to be more complex. Not having to insert the specific walls or floors of a building to show others an iea you have in mind saves a lot of time

Should all buildings be modeled first using conceptual masses?

Using conceptual masses is appropriate for big buildings with unique one of a kind designs that have to be well planned out. The masses help us visually see a unique idea one had in mind as a 3D structure. Masses aren’t needed for regular tiny rectangular buildings because there isn’t much necessary design planning.