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Intended users

The most intended users of this tool are the architects who want to design an artistic stadium. This tool will also provide useful information to the investors, engineers, and construction managers.

Need you’re trying to provide a solution or support for

Architects usually have different design ideas on a project before they dive into a particular design. This tool can help the architects make quick changes to the structure and visualize different designs, which will help them choose a design that they think is most aesthetically pleasing and interesting. The tool will allow the architects to generate three designs side by side at once, so their differences can be seen easily. This tool will also provide information on how much insolation can reach the inside of the stadium, how much materials will be used for the façade, etc.


  • Height of the stadium
  • Width of the stadium
  • Opening size of the roof

Underlying logic of the model you’ll implement

The users can control the basic geometry of the designs, and the Dynamo code will use the user’s inputs to generate the designs, create Revit elements, and output important calculation results.


  • Volume of the stadium
  • Amount of materials used
  • Estimated cost of materials
  • Insolation value
  • Façade surface area