1.4.B Sharing Digital Models


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2024 Update:

The ability to export a PDF file is now built into the Revit application. So, you do not need to download a separate PDF printer driver like PrimoPDF.

Optional Install:

If you'd like to install PrimoPDF (a printer driver that creates PDF files) you can download the installer for our shared library :  PrimoPDF Installer

Practice Exercise (Optional)

Download Practice File:  Starting Point

  1. Upload the Starting Point file to your folder on the BIM 360 Documents website.
  2. Open the Plan Views sheet and use the measuring tool to find the dimensions of the carport (the small structure off to the left). For this exercise, measure from wall center line to wall center line.
  3. Use the mark up tool to circle the carport and comment that the carport should measure 6'0" (72") x 10' (120"). Record the actual dimensions of the carport, rounding to the nearest inch.

When you've completed this exercise, your BIM 360 Documents model should look like this:

Download File: Ending Point