2.2.A Creating Walls & Setting Properties


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Practice Exercise (Optional)

Download Practice File: Starting Point

  1. Open the Living Area plan, and locate the highlight wall from the image below.
  2. Create a new Palmer Exterior Wall between points A and C whose center line aligns with the outer edge of the floor slab below. Vertically, the wall should extend from 1'6" below Floor-Living Area level to 3'0" above Floor-Living Area.
  3. Create a new Palmer Exterior Panel Wall between points A and B and on top of the wall you just created whose interior finish face aligns with the interior finish face of the wall below (3'0" offset from Floor-Living Area) and that extends up to the Roof-Living and Bedrooms level.

When you have completed this exercise, your model should look like this:

Download File: Ending Point