2.2.B Adjusting Wall Structure & Layers


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Practice Exercise (Optional)

Download Practice File:  Starting Point

  1. Begin by editing the structure of the Palmer Exterior Wall and give the Masonry - Brick  layer the preset thermal properties of Medium Weight Brick. Note the R-value of the wall in the Edit Assembly window.
  2. In the Palmer Exterior Wall, add a new layer of Insulation / Thermal Barriers - Rigid Insulation outside the core boundary, but on the inside of the finish layer. Make it 2" thick and change the finish layer from 4" to 2" thick as to not change the overall thickness of the wall.
  3. Give this rigid insulation material the thermal properties of Polystyrene - Expanded - EPS. In the Edit Assembly window, observe how the R-value of the wall changes after adding this layer of insulation. You have now improved the insulation of the building.

Tip: To give a layer thermal properties, edit the material by clicking the "..." button next to the material name. Then locate the plus sign to the right of the Appearance tab and click "Thermal". You can then select a preset material and then manually edit the thermal properties.

When you have complete this exercise, your Palmer Exterior Wall type properties should look like this:


Download File: Ending Point